Patrick Anderson Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson is a 5-star body worker. With a deep foundation in Reflexology, Massage, Yoga and Meditation, his treatments are something to experience. Patrick currently studies with many of the worlds' foremost teachers in the fields of yoga, meditation, reflexology, and stretching.

Patrick the owner of The AHHH Spa and has the special ability to meet a person where they are at. He offers both the highest level of body work and follow-up homework, so that the client is able to take what they have learned and continue to make progress long after their treatment.

Born and raised in Greeley, Colorado, Patrick became interested in the healing arts after reading "The Inner Game of Tennis." Through this book, he understood for the first time that the difficulties that he was finding in his tennis game were coming from his mind; and therefore, the solution also needed to come from within.

From that point forward, Patrick began the study of hypnosis, meditation, and yoga, which eventually lead to living at a the Vippassina Meditation Center in Denver for six months, followed by a one-way ticket to Thailand to ordain as a forest monk in North East Thailand. Studying under many of the worlds' greatest meditation masters, Patrick traveled Thailand and even lived for a year as a monk in Melbourne, Australia.

Living with others from so many nationalities taught Patrick about many diverse world traditions and also provided him with a deeper understanding of the human body. It was while in Thailand that Patrick came across the book, "Your Feet are Your Fortune", and started practicing Reflexology. Patrick soon became known for his skills and was consistently given the opportunity to offer massage to many of his fellow monastics with great results.

Upon leaving the monastic tradition in 2003, Patrick was drawn to settle down in Grand Forks, North Dakota where his younger brother was stationed in the Air Force. After a few years of side work such as teaching yoga, construction, and teaching tennis, Patrick attended The Skin and Body Works Massage program and started his massage practice shortly afterward.

In 2006 the Anderson Holistic Health & Healing (AHHH) Spa was born. The business has grown, and so has the space. The AHHH Spa now features private yoga classes, two massage rooms, a far infrared sauna and a relaxing receiving room.

From the moment that a person walks in the door, they can feel something special.

May clients feel like they have come back home - the home inside yourself that has been forgotten from the stressful day-to-day regular grind... "Ahhhhhhh...."